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DV Systems

Over 100 Years of Engineering Innovation & Manufacturing Excellence


DV Systems Designs, Engineers & Manufactures Efficient, Performance-Driven Compressed Air Technology Solutions. We have been Engineering & Manufacturing Industrial Air Compressors since 1954 in our Facility in Barrie, Ontario Canada and Our Commitment to a Culture of Innovation Dates Back 100+ Years. Our objective is to Provide Reliable, Innovative Products and Compressed Air System Solutions, Strengthened by a Commitment to Exceptional Customer Service.

Our People

Our people are our most important asset and strongest source of sustainable competitive advantage. We aim to provide a stable and positive work environment that encourages professional growth and allows our employees to meet their personal goals.


We believe in teamwork. We believe in treating customers, suppliers and employees with integrity and respect and conducting business ethically.

Excellence by Education

We believe in education and training as avenues for improving effectiveness at work and attaining personal growth.

Manufacturing Excellence

Flexible, Responsive & Lean

Our Manufacturing Process is Designed to be Flexible, Responsive and Lean, Empowering Us to Fulfill Customer Needs, Exceed Expectations and Compete Globally.


Flexible manufacturing facilitates an extensive range of compressed air solutions and product-offerings, enabling continual updates and improvements in response to evolving market demands and technological innovations.


Responsiveness involves constantly improving manufacturing lead-times and enhancing our agility in responding to customer orders, rather than relying on traditional methods of production forecasting, planning and warehousing.


Lean manufacturing ultimately maintains a focus on the product and product quality, minimizing non value-added activities. Processes are engineered to realize efficiencies.

Manufacturing Excellence

To achieve its flexible manufacturing model, DV’s primary focus is its workforce. Workers are encouraged and rewarded to expand their production skills, cross-training in multiple work-areas.

Production is divided into distinct cells and driven by demand, beginning with the customer’s order. The combination of a highly skilled, flexible workforce and a cellular, demand-structured production process allows DV to manufacture a wide variety of complex products on a built-to-order basis. Production management is oriented around designing highly efficient work cells and training programs and material management maintains inventory of critical components and materials.

These imperatives not only ensure that the order-fulfillment process is optimized, but that these benefits translate directly to our customers.

Our History

1888 to 2014

DV Systems is Committed to Innovation. We are Continuously Driven to Improve Our Offerings & Extend Value to Our Customers & Partners. It’s Who We Are. We Invite You To Become Part of History, Grow Your Business With Us…


DV’s Culture of Innovation Dates Back to 1888, Toledo, Ohio, When Physician Dr. Allen DeVilbiss Invented The Spray Atomizer, Introducing an Easier Way to Apply Medicines to Patients’ Throats.


The Spray Atomizer’s success led Dr. Allen DeVilbiss to retire from medical practice and establish The DeVilbiss Manufacturing Company, which began manufacturing Spray Atomizers in the old Lenk Winery on Toledo’s north side.


Dr. DeVilbiss’ son, Thomas, active in product development and an inventor in his own right, began to experiment with the spray gun, and was also credited with expanding the company’s product line to include perfumers.


The company name changes to The DeVilbiss Company, and its product line continues to expand to include air compressors.


During World War II the Company is involved in the production of military products, including protective coatings for applications ranging from helmets to planes and tanks. Continued research and development results in the design of speciality hosing meant to withstand high temperatures in order to spray plastic on ship hulls to impede barnacle growth.


As the company moves into the post-war years, it continues to expand and diversify. In 1953 DeVilbiss builds a 180,000 SQF. facility in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, and in 1954 begins the full-scale manufacturing of industrial air compressors.


On January 1, 1970 The DeVilbiss Company merges into Champion Spark Company.


Purchased by Illinois Tool Works (ITW) in 1990, DeVilbiss continues to set the standard for reliability through its research and development, innovative product line, and commitment to customer service.


ITW separates and sells the industrial air compressor division, now becoming Devair. In the following years Devair expands its product line to include Rotary Screw Air Compressors, Standard Duty Industrial Air Compressors, as well as many new models of Air Dryers and Filters.


On February 1, 2006 the company is bought by Garth Greenough & Bogdan Markiel, focusing on the development of Innovative, Efficient Rotary Screw Air Compressors and Energy Efficient Technologies, such as Variable Speed, Direct Drives.


Devair changes its name to DV Systems, signalling its strategic entry into the provision of Complete & Comprehensive Compressed Air Technology Solutions, including Air Compressor Management Systems, Oil-Free Catalytic Converters and Desiccant Air Dryers. The Rotary Screw Air Compressor range is extended from 5 HP to 100 HP as the DV Engineering Team works on larger models & develops new Variable Speed Drive Technology designed to Optimize an Air System’s Efficiency.


In August, DV Systems opens a new facility in Mooresville, North Carolina, USA dedicated to serving US customers.
DV Systems’ sales and customer support team is committed to providing the highest level of service.